“Sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever.” –John R. Ehrenfeld, 2000

There are many definitions of sustainability – from the seminal Our Common Future to the nested model of economy within society within the environment.  But the one we like is from John Ehrenfeld, Industrial Ecologist at MIT.

We love this definition because it speaks to the possibilities that we must create together, acknowledging there is no simple answer to the complex challenges we face. It is at the same time aspirational. We haven’t come up with a better vision statement so we are going with this one!


We support our community in several ways. We follow the 1% For The Planet program where we contribute a percentage of revenues (less volatile than profit-based) to Not For Profit enterprises whose values align with ours.

But it’s not just about money, we believe passion for issues need to be at the centre of people’s way of engaging with their communities. We encourage our employees to volunteer for organizations they care about. Our staff get 3 days paid time off to support the initiative of their choice that builds their community.

B Corp Status

We are proud to have achieved one of our key corporate goals for 2016:  Certified B Corporation status. We believe this is the gold standard of ratings for “business as a force for good”. We know it won’t be easy and will force us to address a lot of issues we’ve not paid enough attention to regarding our own sustainability strategies. But we are going on this journey with a group of fellow travelers from the Centre for Social Innovation community where we have our office, so we are confident it will make the objective more achievable.