CEO & Board

Andrew Simpson, CEO

Andrew Simpson is a veteran software consultant and business analyst, having implemented several leading ERP and CRM packages over his 25-year career, including J.D.Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics GP & CRM, and Salesforce. Andrew has extensive experience designing and mapping business processes, writing technical specifications for custom modifications, developing and executing test plans, report design and data conversion. Always passionate about environmental issues, Ecotone brings together his twin passions around technology and sustainability.

Andrew Simpson
Founder and Principal Consultant, Ecotone Software.
Stakeholder group: Owners

Piali Roy
Owner, Ecotone Software & Communications Coordinator, Munk School of Global Affairs.
Stakeholder group: Owners

Adam Silver
Managing Director, Farber Group.
Stakeholder group: Customers

Sandra Lester
Green Building Consultant, Affecting Change Inc.
Stakeholder group: Sustainability Professionals and Academia

Dihan Chandra
Founder, The Spent Goods Company.
Stakeholder group: Customers

Pratima Divgi
Head of Capital Markets, North America, Carbon Disclosure Project.
Stakeholder group: Environmental NGOs and community groups