Our unique value proposition is combining technology and sustainability perspectives to Enterprise Software, in order to drive action-based sustainability reporting.

service1Sustainability Reporting

Discover and map sustainability data from corporate systems, automate data acquisition and feeds, cleanse and reformat sustainability data to key factors, prepare data to generate to global reporting standards, refine data tracking and reporting to improve sustainability reports.

service2Software Implementation

Using an approach that balances people, process, and technology, we help clients install software solutions that enable them to meet their operational and strategic goals and make their people more productive and engaged.

service3Dashboard Development

Converting enterprise data into visualizations that help internal and external stakeholders grasp the company’s social and environmental impact.

service4Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Development

Using results of data mapping aggregate these results into higher level indicators that either reflect past performance or forecast future outcomes.

service5Business Model Creation

Using tools like the Flourishing Business Canvas, we help clients redesign existing business models or create new lines of business that are inherently economically, socially, and environmentally better.