Designed To Give

One of the things we love about being a Certified B Corporation is that there are so many ways to get to the 80 points necessary to achieve certification, its not a one size fits all model.  One of the goals of B Lab is to drive innovation and continuous improvement into the DNA of B Corps.  Impact Business Models (IBMs) are a way B Corps can work toward this goal.  There are a myriad of IBMs B Corps can pursue to improve their score. One of those impact models is called Designed To Give, where the company pledges to donate 5% of revenues each year to charities and not for profits.  Ecotone is proud to have made the pledge to share a meaningful percentage of our revenue with our community.

We have always felt it was our responsibility to support various environmental charities and NGOs in our community, particularly those that aligned with our values.  Designed to Give takes it to the next level.  We have always prioritized financial sustainability in the running of the company; as a service business our cash flow needs are modest so this goal in no way jeopardizes our financial stability.

In 2022 Ecotone was proud to  support the following organizations:

Toronto Nature Stewards (

ENABG Indigenous Youth Organization (

David Suzuki Foundation (

Nature Conservancy of Canada (

Not Far From the Tree (

         StopGap Foundation (

We look forward to continuing to support these organizations that are working for people and planet.