2015 Integrated Annual Report

We are pleased to release our first annual Integrated Annual Report.  So what exactly does this name actually mean?  We were originally going to call it our “Integrated Sustainability Report” – integrated to cover the financial aspects of an annual report and sustainability was to encompass the environmental and social dimensions.  After conversations with our board about the goal of normalizing triple bottom line reporting to put all three elements are on equal footing, it was decided to change the name to emphasize an evolution of the traditional annual report to have a broader meaning.

So why did we do it?  As part of our B Corp Assessment we committed to producing an annual sustainability report that would be reviewed by our board and publically available.  As a small service based company our environmental footprint is negligible, but we thought there were ample opportunities to share the many initiatives Ecotone has undertaken to live up to our mission ”…to enable clients to achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging people, process, and technology.  We strive toward a net zero environmental footprint from our operations and work to make a positive contribution to our communities.”

Some highlights we’d be happy if all organizations large and small were to follow: formalized 1% for the planet donation program, paid our fair share of taxes, used public or active transportation to office and clients, performed pro bono consulting for NFP clients, contributed volunteer roles on solar co-op, and tracked our environmental footprint in energy, water, and waste.

The goals of the report were to present information so it was transparent, comparable, easy to understand and relevant.  In doing so we hope to model good data stewardship to our clients and encourage companies of all sizes to share more information about their efforts to balance their financial, environmental and social impacts.

You can find our report here.


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