2016 Integrated Annual Report

We are excited to share our 2016 Integrated Annual Report with our stakeholder community.  This is our take on a combination of the traditional annual report which is primarily focused on financial performance, and a sustainability report which highlights environmental and social metrics.  By combining these into a single report, we feel we are leading by example in modeling a triple bottom line approach to business, and showing how we can help our clients automate their own sustainability reporting.

In 2016 we achieved a major milestone in becoming a Certified B Corporation.  We believe in B Labs mission to “make business a force for good” which aligns with our values around service to our customers, communities, and the environment.  We see in the B Corp movement, an army of potential collaborators who recognize the myriad of opportunities in products and services with triple bottom line benefits.  This was apparent when we attended the annual B Corp Champions Retreat held in Toronto this year.  It was amazing meeting so many purpose driven companies who are genuine about doing well while serving people and the planet.

Talking to fellow B Corps reinforced the value of our revised service offerings around sustainability reporting and CRM for the Cleantech.  We are confident these strategies will lead our growth in the coming years.

2016 saw us devote a lot of time and energy to helping address the Syrian Refugee Crisis both as private sponsors and as co-founders of WelcomeHomeTO – a not-for-profit that connects resources, organizations, and people supporting newcomers.

We continued to support our local community both as donors and active volunteers to various environmental not-for-profits.

We hope you will take a few minutes to look at our report and think about how your organization would follow our lead in sharing your triple bottom line story.  We’d be happy to help you start on that journey.

2016 Integrated Annual Report

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