Ecotone Announces Partnership with Sustainability Dashboard Solution Carbon and More

carbon and more logo-1

We are excited to announce we have signed a reseller agreement with Gem-Up Inc. to sell and support their Carbon And More SaaS Sustainability Dashboard tool.  Targeted to the SME sector, the software quickly lets companies communicate their environmental and social impact, using a visually engaging dashboard which you can link to your corporate website.  The dashboard can report on the following

Environmental Factors:

  • Carbon emissions and offsets
  • Employee travel
  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Paper and waste production
  • Air Quality

Social Factors:

  • Employee volunteer hours
  • Corporate donations

Carbon and more dashboard

In addition to the shareable dashboard, the system can generate a weekly email to your stakeholders with the same information, helping to build your brand and leverage your impact.  The solution is perfect for small to medium enterprises that want to self report their metrics but don’t have the expertise to employ complex sustainability frameworks.


  • Cloud based, no software installation required
  • Easy to use, no technical knowledge required to setup
  • Easy to understand for all stakeholder segments
  • Visually compelling, infographic style presentation convey a professional image

Software comes in three editions:

  1. Boutique Edition for up to two users.  Free
  2. SME Edition for up to 100 users.  $USD 19/month.  Includes shareable dashboard.
  3. Enterprise Edition for unlimited users.  $USD 49/month.  Includes shareable dashboard and Team challenges.

Contact Andrew Simpson at (416) 706-6412 or email: to arrange a demo.

You can also start a free 30 day trial here:


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