2017 Integrated Annual Report

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We are excited to share our 2017 Integrated Annual Report with our stakeholder community.

Our overarching goal for this report was showing the link between strategy and sustainability.  Being our third report this could have been easier, but we chose to up our game and follow the Integrated Reporting format which sets a high bar in terms of both content and data.  The format is a systems thinking approach to reporting that goes far beyond the financial focus of a traditional annual report to measure a company’s impact on society and the broader environment.

The format is extensive and thorough, the sections are:

  • Purpose and Stakeholders
  • Governance
  • Business Model
  • Risks and Opportunities
  • Strategy and Resources
  • Performance
  • Basis of Preparation
  • Outlook

Data requirements are also extensive as they require reporting on a company’s impact on the six capitals: manufactured, financial, intellectual, human, social and natural (see definitions in the Performance Section).  The first three are traditional balance sheet items and data was easily to find.  The other three have evolving methodologies to quantity both in monetary and intrinsic value.  We choose some simple methods to reclassify existing data into one of the six capitals in order to rank the overall impact of each.

This allowed us to get a relative comparison of our impact across the six capitals.  Ecotone’s change to the six in 2017 was in this order:







If you want to see the numbers you are just going to have to read the report.

Please take a look and share your comments and feedback on how we can make this report better in the future.  Or if you want to learn more about how we did it.

 We realize we are a small company with a tiny impact, but our goal is to challenge all companies – large and small- to do this level of reporting.  Imagine the scale of change this would drive if every organization was constantly thinking and measuring its impact on the six capitals instead of just one.

Ecotone 2017 Integrated Annual Report

Data Visualizations

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