Guiding Organizational Changemakers Through Digital Transformation

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Interview with Chris Henry, Cyber Security Consultant & Wellness Coach

Chris Henry began his journey over 25 years ago, working in global organizations recognized for caring cultures, including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Grant Thornton. As an Executive Advisor and Life/Rhythmic Diet Wellness Coach he works with Management Teams, Boards, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals to reach their Rhythmic Potential within themselves, with their partners and with their customers.

Chris also brings this expertise, approach, and an extensive knowledge in cyber security to guide organizations to create secure online community platforms that support the activities and impact of their membership.

How did you come to work with Andrew Simpson and the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)?

Andrew and I mainly worked closely together on the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) in use by CSI and Social Innovation Canada. Andrew created and implemented the specifications of what was needed in order to see the first phase customisations for the Partnerships team come to fruition. This phase included customizing the CRM with the fundraising workflow, milestones, reporting and data structures needed by the Partnerships team.

What was truly exciting for us was working with them to see how the CRM could support and truly benefit their efforts in raising funds for the various people and planet programs and initiatives they deliver. As a reporting system, the CRM would help build the foundation needed to track the pursuit of gifts from private, public and corporate sources.

A lot of the work Andrew focused on was configuring Salesorce in terms of reporting and workflows so the “in process” status of new, annual and won applications could be easily determined. A component to this was developing the Stewardship Workflow that tracks ongoing activities in order to remain current and connected to CSI givers.

What was it like working with Andrew as a fellow consultant?

Both Andrew and I were consultants working with CSI, and so there was commonality, with a shared understanding and approach. We both recognized the need to keep the project moving toward its end goal of launching the new CRM, while providing guidance for CSI through each of the different stages.

I would say that, in this respect, Andrew was always willing to go the extra mile for the client, which really impressed me. He never shied away from seeking out all the answers to questions being asked, even if he didn’t know the answer initially. He was a pleasure to work with.

What is next for you?

Right now I am focusing my time in the area of wellness for organizations and individuals. With organizations this takes into account revenue, operations, cyber security, and digital wellness.

It’s about what I call, the new conscious economy, helping organizations be more responsible and mindful in their actions. Thinking about resilience, people, and nature; as well as taking into account sustainability. I now do a lot of work through craftsight wellness community, which is an initiative I created to shine a spotlight on what I term, Creators of Wellness. In essence, is a social enterprise platform to help establish the new #ConsciousEconomy where we work together #curatingwellness and #enablingchoice for one another by finding, sharing and rating #wellness foods, products, services, creators and experiences.

I have also been expanding my Rhythmic Diet Wellness Coaching. This focuses on guiding others in preparing for, and bouncing back from, life traumas by igniting their Rythmic Potential using Tibetan, Chinese, Energy and Sound Medicine principles.  I currently run these and other wellness events through the craftsight connected circle live shows Although times are tough for many small businesses and consulting agencies right now, I feel hopeful that we can support each other through this time in an inclusive, caring, and meaningful way.

Ecotone’s 2019 Integrated Report is available here:

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